If you notice your pet experiencing discomfort such as excessive scratching, licking, non-healing wounds, or diarrhea, this diagnostic test may assist your veterinarian in identifying potential infections. By pinpointing the cause of the infection, your veterinarian can recommend the most effective treatment plan for your pet’s well-being. It’s essential to note that this test must be ordered by a veterinarian and is not intended for independent use by pet owners. Always consult your veterinarian for the best course of action concerning your pet’s health.

What is the MiDOG All-in-One Test?

The MiDOG All-in-One Test is a highly sensitive diagnostic tool designed to aid veterinarians in diagnosing infections in pets. It detects various infections such as diarrhea, ear and skin infections, urinary tract infections, oral infections, and non-healing wounds. Traditional diagnostic methods may struggle to identify these infections accurately, making this molecular-based test invaluable in providing precise diagnoses and treatment recommendations.

How can this test benefit your pet?

Unlike conventional culture testing, which has limitations and delays, the MiDOG All-in-One Test provides rapid and accurate results, enabling timely treatment decisions. It examines the DNA of bacterial and fungal pathogens and evaluates the overall microbiome in your pet’s sample, offering comprehensive insights into the infection and microbial diversity present.

What types of pets and samples can be tested?

The MiDOG All-in-One Test is applicable to all animal species and accepts various sample types. However, it specifically focuses on detecting pathogens and analyzing the microbiome, excluding genetic profiling and cancer detection.

Why consult your vet about the MiDOG All-in-One Test?

This diagnostic tool assists veterinarians in determining the need for medical intervention and appropriate treatments based on individual pet factors such as environment, allergies, and medical history. It’s crucial for trained professionals to interpret the test results and make informed decisions regarding your pet’s health.

What to expect from the analysis and MiDOG report?

The comprehensive analysis covers all bacterial and fungal pathogens, identifies healthy microbes, and determines antibiotic resistances and sensitivities, empowering veterinarians to tailor treatment plans effectively.

International Inquiries and Availability

MiDOG Animal Diagnostics operates primarily in the US, accepting samples from all states. Canadian clients can contact BioVet for assistance, while other international inquiries should reach out directly to MiDOG.

To learn more about the diverse range of animals and infections addressed by MiDOG, explore our blog section.

If you suspect your pet may be suffering from an infection, consider discussing the MiDOG All-in-One Test with your veterinarian.

Validated by Veterinarians

“Clients expect their veterinarians to stay up to date on all matters that affect the health and well being of their non-human family members. The current technique that we have used to determine the presence and antibiotic sensitivity of organisms causing disease in our pets is over a century old.

With the emergence of dangerous antibacterial resistance, it is critical that veterinarians are able to offer laser focused diagnostics and treatment. MiDog enables us to offer care that exceeds the typical standard of care.”

Bernadine Cruz, DVM, Laguna Hills Animal Hospital Laguna Woods, CA

“I love the absolute abundance and comparing the fungal with bacterial infection. I do not worry as much about getting a false negative urinary infection reading as I do with traditional urine cultures. Several times the same urine would culture negative but MiDOG would detect pathogens.”

Michael Morgan, DVMQuail Animal Hospital, Tustin, CA

“The MiDOG All-in-One Test is amazing, I would use it instead of culture and sensitivity.  Such rapid and detailed results, I will reach for MiDOG before culture next time!

Thank you very much MiDOG, for sharing the opportunity to try your technology.”

Martha Smith-Blackmore, DVM, President of Forensic Veterinary Investigations, LLC – Boston, MA

The MiDOG All-in-One Microbial Test is our new gold standard of pathogen identification. The results are so accurate and valuable – especially with assessing both bacterial and fungal infections with the same sample.

Thank you MiDOG!”

Kathy Wentworth, DVM, Diplomate ABVP Canine and Feline Practice – PetPoint Medical Center, Irvine, CA

“The MiDOG staff was extremely helpful and supportive.”

Cathy Curtis, DVM – London, UK

“I have had great results using the MiDOG® Test. Compared to traditional culture tests, I am better able to target the treatment for dogs because the MiDOG® Test is so sensitive that it identifies all pathogens including bacteria and fungi, as well as antibiotic sensitivity.

The cost and turnaround time are about the same as a culture test, but I get much more data. The test has great performance and I believe the NGS technology will be a game changer for veterinarians treating dogs with lesions or other infections.”

Michael Kavanagh, DVM, Practice owner – Saddleback Animal Hospital, Tustin, CA