Pet Microbiome Testing

Diagnosis and Treatment of Infections in Pets with All-New DNA Sequencing Technology


Accurately diagnose your patient's specific bacterial and fungal infection - know exactly what antibiotics will work to cure the illness.

Introducing the easy to use MiDOG All-in-One Pet Microbiome Test powered by next-generation DNA sequencing.

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Pathogen Identification

Identify All Microbes: Aerobic/Anaerobic Bacteria, and Fungi - Independent of Culturing


Detect Antibiotic Resistance

Profiling of Antibiotic  Resistances to Aid Good

Antibiotic Stewardship

The MiDOG microbiome test is a microbial identification test grounded on scientific research that provides veterinarians DNA evidence for the guided treatment of canine microbial infections. A MiDOG microbiome test provides the technologies for the accurate identification of all microorganisms within a pet's sample, independent of culturing.

Our test provides faster, more comprehensive results than standard culture-based tests:

With standard culture-based testing, 99% of microorganisms cannot be cultured and are thus missed upon analysis. Next Generation DNA Sequencing is the new standard for the detection and identification of microorganisms, and MiDOG pet microbiome testing is now making this technology available to veterinarians and pet owners.

The MiDOG microbiome testing service provides the workflow necessary to ascertain the composition and identity of all microorganisms in a pet's sample, down to the species level. All work is performed at the state-of-the-art MiDOG pet microbiome testing facility and the pet owner and veterinarian are provided a comprehensive report on all bacteria and fungi comprising a sample. MiDOG microbiome test report provides an accurate diagnosis and pinpoint treatment to save pet's lives.

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MiDOG Veterinarian Reviews 

"I love the absolute abundance and comparing the fungal with bacterial infection. I do not worry as much about getting a false negative urinary infection reading as I do with traditional urine cultures. Several times the same urine would culture negative but MiDOG would detect pathogens."


Michael Morgan, DVM, Quail Animal Hospital, Tustin, CA

Why MiDOG Pet Microbiome Testing is Faster and More Accurate:

Did you know that 99% of all organisms cannot currently be cultured in the lab and are thus missed upon analysis? Compared to culturing tests, the MiDOG microbiome test uses Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and tells you much faster about ALL of the organisms that are present on your sample, and how your patient might respond to treatment. This can significantly shorten the time that your patient is suffering from infections or lesions and aid effective antibiotic stewardship. If you are exhausted and frustrated by multiple tests performed with no accurate diagnosis, then MiDOG pet microbiome testing may be the solution for you.

Next Generation Sequencing is a molecular based method used in MiDOG's pet microbiome testing that can sequence and detect the DNA of ALL microbes that live on the dog’s skin, without having to grow any of these organisms in a laboratory first. NGS is considered the gold standard for the detection and identification of microorganisms.



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MiDOG Pet Microbiome Testing is Simple


Pet Microbiome Test for All Types of Samples and Animals

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MiDOG Pet Microbial Test Can Be Used to Diagnose

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