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Success Stories -
How MiDOG Saves Pets’ Lives

MiDOG significantly shortens the time that your patient is suffering from infections and aids effective antibiotic stewardship.

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The MiDOG® test identified a co-infection culture testing missed!

Marc and Bubu. Tustin, CA

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Daisy's chronic urinary tract infection was finally cleared!

Daisy. Tustin, CA

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MiDOG® verified C. perfringens caused Buddy's diarrhea.

Buddy. Newport Beach, CA

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MiDOG® discovered the culprit that culture testing missed!

Terry and Chloe. Colorado Springs, CO

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Heidi's bilateral total ear canal ablation was avoided because of the MiDOG® Test!

Heidi and her mom. Orange, CA

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The MiDOG® test detected the first case of Burkholderia gladioli in a dog

Tustin, CA


What's your MiDOG success story?

We'd love to hear it!

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