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Success Stories

How MiDOG Saves Pet's Lives

Due to her chronic skin condition Chloe was about to lose her life

The MiDOG® All-in-One test discovered the true culprit that culture testing missed!

After the microbial analysis and treatment of Chloe’s skin condition, she is a healthy happy dog now! Her life was saved by the MiDOG® microbial analysis! My granddaughter is eternally grateful to MiDOG® for giving her many new happy days with her "buddy" Chloe. Just look at her smile.

Terry and Chloe

Colorado Springs, CO

BuBu's pain could have been relieved much faster if we had used the MiDOG test right away

The MiDOG® All-in-One test identified a co-infection that culture testing missed!

BuBu had lesions on his paws that bled periodically. He saw his vet regularly, but the prescribed treatments, including antibiotics and antihistamines, weren’t working. After running the MiDOG® test, it became evident that BuBu had a major infection comprised of both Staphylococcus and Streptococcus

After treating with an appropriate regimen of topical antibiotics, BuBu made a complete recovery and the hair on his paws grew back. The test really gave an accurate glimpse of what caused his infection.

Marc and BuBu

Tustin, CA

Heidi's bilateral total ear canal ablation was avoided because of the MiDOG Test

Culture testing pointed to a Staphylococcus pseudintermedius infection, but Heidi's ears were actually overgrown with the fungus Malassezia pachydermatis!

Heidi, a 13-year-old dachshund lady was suffering from chronic ear infections. Her infections were so severe that her ears were closed shut. Her primary vet send her over to Dr. Kavanagh for a second opinion before performing a bilateral ear canal ablation. Heidi had been on Simplicef® antibiotic for a while because culture testing had shown an infection with Staphylococcus pseudintermedius. Her condition however, didn't improve. Dr. Kavanagh performed the MiDOG® All-in-One Swab Test on Heidi's ears and it became evident that Heidi had a Malassezia pachydermatis infection. 85% of all microbes in her ears were actually Malassezia while Staphylococcus pseudintermedius was present at much lower numbers. Instead of antibiotics Heidi was treated with an antifungal medication and her infection cleared. 


Heidi and her mom

Orange, CA

MiDOG confirmed that C. perfringens was causing Buddy's diarrhea

The majority of dogs harbor C. perfringens in low numbers as part of their fecal microbes, even in the absence of disease. Therefore the detection of this organism in canine feces is not unusual. In Buddy's case though, he was suffering from diarrhea and C. perfringens represented 40% of all the bacteria in his feces. A toxin test confirmed a high amount of enterotoxin as well.

The MiDOG test gave Buddy's vet the valuable additional information that there was also an unusual high amount of Fusobacterium present in his feces to guide her selection of the most appropriate antibiotic treatment. 


Newport Beach, CA

Daisy's chronic urinary tract infection was finally cleared

Culture testing pointed to a S. pseudintermedius 'only' infection, but missed E. faecalis that was resistant to her prescribed antibiotic.

Daisy, a 5 year old mixed breed, spayed female dog was suffering from on-and-off urinary tract infections since 6/2016. Over the years she had 8 periods of urinary tract infections that never fully resolved. MiDOG discovered that an intrinsic resistance of E. faecalis in her urine was causing her recurring infection.

Read Daisy's full case report on our website soon!


Tustin, CA

What's your MiDOG success story?

We'd love to hear it!

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