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MiDOG All-in-One Microbial Test

All-New DNA Sequencing Technology

Ensures Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment for Your Dog

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Is your pet suffering?

Are treatments not working even after many tests and Veterinarian bills you've paid? This can be frustrating and confusing when you just want your dog well.

There is a better way.

Send Your Veterinarian MiDOG Today

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Enter Your Information and Veterinary Hospital

You will receive notification when 1) Your MiDOG All-in-One Microbial Test kit is mailed to your Veterinarian, 2) When your pets sample is received by the MiDOG lab and 3) When your pet's MiDOG report is ready.

As with traditional culture tests, your Veterinarian may charge a fee for MiDOG testing. Please speak to your Veterinarian for details.

Swab Collection Kit

(used for skin, ear, fecal, oral infections and samples)


Urine Collection Kit

(used for urinary tract infection urine samples)


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Veterinarians Give MiDOG 5-Stars

"The MiDOG All-in-One Test is amazing, I would use it instead of culture and sensitivity.  Such rapid and detailed results, I will reach for MiDOG before culture next time!

Thank you very much MiDOG, for sharing the opportunity to try your technology."


Martha Smith-Blackmore, DVM, President of Forensic Veterinary Investigations, LLC - Boston, MA

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