Selected Microbiome Publications


New MiDOG Publication:
Characterization of Oral Microbiota in Cats: Novel Insights on the Potential Role of Fungi in Feline Chronic Gingivostomatitis

MiDOG Publication:

Assessment of bacterial and fungal populations in urine from clinically healthy dogs using next-generation sequencing

MiDOG Publication:

The canine skin and ear microbiome: A comprehensive survey of pathogens implicated in canine skin and ear infections using a novel next-generation-sequencing-based assay

MiDOG Publication:
Effect of Topical Medication on the Nasomaxillary Skin Fold Microbiome of French Bulldogs

MiDOG Publication:

Chronic Stomatitis in Cats: Benefits of using NGS Analysis

MiDOG Publication:

Metagenomic Analysis using Real-Time DNA Sequencing Analysis as a Diagnostic Tool for Naturally-Occuring Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs

MiDOG Publication:

Impact of Prophylactic Antibiotics on Canine Fecal Microbiome in Orthopedic Emergency Cases

MiDOG Publication:

Comparative Microbiome Analysis of Cohabiting Wildlife Species with Disease Vector Potential: Canada Geese vs. Domestic Flies

MiDOG Publication:

Effect of Carotenoid Dietary Supplementation on the Cutaneous Microbiome in Captive Golden Dart Frogs (Phyllobates terribilis)

NGS aids diagnosis and treatment of acute cystitis

NGS shows less bacterial species richness in allergic dogs vs healthy dogs

NGS points at bacterial dysbiosis in allergen-induced canine atopic dermatitis

NGS links canine gut microbiome to behavioral traits

NGS provides clinically actionable results

NGS in infectious disease diagnostics and pathogen analysis

NGS links the oral microbiome to periodontal disease in dogs


Discovery of novel canine oral bacteria with the help of NGS