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Each MiDOG® All-in-One Microbial Test kit includes everything needed to swab the patient and send the samples back to the MiDOG® testing facility. Each kit contains (5) swabs/collection tubes for (5) separate tests/reports.
You will only be charged for those swabs that are sent back to the MiDOG® facility for processing.  Following receipt of a sample by the MiDOG® testing facility and after issuance of the corresponding Microbial Test Report to you, you will be charged for each sample. Inquire within for veterinarian pricing. 
Invoices will be sent on a monthly basis with Net30 payment terms.

Swab Collection Kit

(used for skin, ear, fecal, oral etc. type of samples)


Urine Collection Kit

(used for urine samples)

Please select below the number of collection kits you would like to order. Note: Each kit contains (5) sample preparations. 
(Restrictions may apply)
If you would like to order more sample collection kits than five, please contact us at orders@midogtest.com.

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