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MiDOG vs. 

Culture Testing

The table on the right shows how the MiDOG® All-in-One Microbial Test compares to culture testing. 

The MiDOG® All-in-One Microbial Test identifies and quantifies all fungi and bacteria present in a sample, and reports on the antibiotic resistance profile. All in just one test.

An Example:

Patient Nola, a 3 year old Affenpinscher, was suffering from a urinary tract infection. Her veterinarian, Dr. Michael Morgan from Tustin CA, collected her urine sample via cystocentesis and sent it out for both culturing testing and to the MiDOG® test.

The culture test that Michael received read: 


The MiDOG®All-in-One Test showed a huge overgrowth of Proteus mirabilis, a facultatively anaerobic bacteria that the culture test missed: 

miDOG urine result
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