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Complete test.
Completely different experience.


Transform how you treat infectious diseases with pet microbiome testing.

DNA Sequencing Technology is the new standard in complete bacterial and fungal testing for infectious diseases. Now you can get much faster results. More comprehensive data. Accurate diagnosis and treatment of infections. And most importantly, know exactly what antibiotics will work to cure your pet patient.

The All-in-One Microbial Test
Everything you need to know exactly what antibiotics will cure your patient

What MiDOG does

Pathogen Identification

pathogen idea.png

Identify All Microbes: Aerobic/Anaerobic Bacteria, and Fungi - Independent of Culturing

Detect Antibiotic Resistance


Profiling of Antibiotic Resistance to Aid Good Antibiotics Stewardship

How it works

Powered by Next-Generation DNA Sequencing

Complete detection and identification of microbial composition

Antibiotic resistance genes screening

Full comprehensive test results

Guided treatment tailored specifically for each patient

Our All-in-One Microbial Test uses Next-Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS), the new standard for the detection and identification of microorganisms. NGS makes it possible to ensure accurate identification of all microorganisms within a sample, independent of culturing.

We provide the workflow necessary to ascertain the composition and identity of all microorganisms in a sample, down to the species level, providing faster, more comprehensive results than standard culture-based tests.

Our test is grounded on scientific research providing veterinarians with DNA evidence for the guided treatment of microbial infections.

A comprehensive report on all bacteria and fungi comprising a sample is provided to the pet owner and veterinarian.

The MiDOG microbiome test report provides an accurate diagnosis and pinpoints the best treatment options based on the patient's genetics.

99% of organisms cannot be cultured in the lab and are thus missed upon analysis
Let's do something about that

The MiDOG All-in-One Microbial Test is our new gold standard of pathogen identification. The results are so accurate and valuable - especially with assessing both bacterial and fungal infections with the same sample.

Thank you MiDOG!"

Kathy Wentworth, DVM, Diplomate ABVP Canine and Feline Practice
PetPoint Medical Center, Irvine, CA

I love the absolute abundance and comparing the fungal with bacterial infections. I do not worry as much about getting a false negative urinary infection reading as I do with traditional urine cultures. Several times the same urine would culture negative but MiDOG would detect pathogens."

Michael Morgan, DVM
Quail Animal Hospital, Tustin, CA

Martha Smith-Blackmore, DVM, President of Forensic Veterinary Investigations LLC
Boston, MA

The MiDOG All-in-One Test is amazing, I would use it instead of culture and sensitivity. Such rapid and detailed results, I will reach for MiDOG before culture next time."

Goodbye, guesswork.
A simplifying solution for infectious disease diagnostics.

Detect the DNA of ALL microbes on a sample, without having to grow any of these organisms in a laboratory first.

Offer MiDOG at your practice

Complete your research with NGS

Why MiDOG is better

Compared to culturing tests, the MiDOG microbiome test uses Next-Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS) and tells you much faster about ALL of the organisms that are present on your sample, and how you patient might respond to treatment. This can significantly shorten the time that your patient is suffering from infections or lesions and aid effective antibiotic stewardship.

Don't take our word for it. See what other veterinarians are saying.

MiPET Success Stories

image 74.png

Daisy's chronic urinary tract infection was finally cleared!

Daisy. Tustin, CA

image 79.png

MiDOG® verified C. perfringens caused Buddy's diarrhea.

Buddy. Newport Beach, CA

Group 61.png

The MiDOG® test identified a co-infection culture testing missed!

Marc and Bubu. Tustin, CA

The MiDOG® test detected the first case of Burkholderia gladioli in a dog

Tustin, CA

MicrosoftTeams-image (24).png
image 78 (1).png

MiDOG® discovered the culprit that culture testing missed!

Terry and Chloe. Colorado Springs, CO

image 78.png

Heidi's bilateral total ear canal ablation was avoided because of the MiDOG® Test!

Heidi and her mom. Orange, CA

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